Piñata Pum



Piñata Pum was created in 2013, as a new kids brand concept,

based in Barcelona, with the idea to create a univers for the little ones 

from 6 monthes - 7 years old.

On each collection Piñata Pum creates a new imagi-native world,

with comfortable, Medditeranean and unique clothes,

carefully selected colors, choice of fabrics for those kids ready to live new adventures

and unforgettable moments. 

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Organic T-shirt Stripes, organic kids clothes, clothes for kids, clothes for babies, organic clothes for babies, organic clothing, stylish kids clothes, kids wear, baby wear, -30%
Organic t-shirt Stripes. 100% organic cotton. Made in Spain. By Pinata Pum ..
28.00€ 19.60€
Ex Tax: 15.81€

Organic Overall  Peto -20%
Overall  Peto. 100% organic cotton. Made in Spain ..
35.00€ 28.00€
Ex Tax: 22.58€

Organic Shorts Banana Orange -40%
Shorts Banana Orange. 100% organic cotton. Made in Spain. ..
29.00€ 17.40€
Ex Tax: 14.03€

Organic T-shirt  Ballenator lemon -35%
T-shirt  Ballenator  all over printed with lemons. 100% organic cotton Made in Spain..
29.00€ 18.85€
Ex Tax: 15.20€